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On Track TN: First Episode Psychosis Initiative

OnTrack TN, based out of Alliance Healthcare Services, works with youth and young adults ages 15-30 who are experiencing psychotic symptoms. We provide psychiatry, individual and group therapy, peer and family support, supportive education and employment, and case management for up to two years. Our team can work with clients in the community to build their social and life skills, meaning we have the freedom to truly meet clients where they are and build lasting, positive therapeutic relationships.


Therapy is provided in individual, group, and family settings based on client choice. Our therapy is always client-centered and uses an eclectic mix of evidence-based practices to work with the client where they are and to address the problems they identify.

Medication Management

Medication management services are provided by in-house or carefully chosen external providers, depending on insurance, who work hard to keep our clients stable and healthy. Our aim is to help clients find the lowest effective doses that provide the best relief and fewest side effects as possible. Our providers also work with clients who refuse medication to monitors their progress and provide helpful lifestyle suggestions to manage their symptoms.

Pharmacist and Patient

Case Management

Case Management helps clients secure benefits, maintain housing, and build stronger social and life skills. Case management works with the client and their family to make sure the client can meet their basic needs in order to achieve their recovery goals.

Supportive Education and Employment

Supportive Education and Employment Services (SEES) assists clients in identifying and succeeding in whatever work or school goals they have. SEES assists clients to advocate for themselves, find solutions to common school/workplace issues, and plan for their future career goals.


Certified Peer Recovery and Family Support

Certified Peer Recovery and Family Support Services provide the client and their family with a friendly, supportive face who just “gets it.” Our CPRS/CFSS meets with clients and their families to help strengthen coping skills, communication, and to regain a sense of self and stability after their first episode.

Happy Family

To Refer

1. Discuss the program with the client and gain their consent to refer. If you would like a member of the OnTrack team to join a session and help explain the program, email us at

2. Email with the client’s name, best contact info, a few sentences of why you are referring them, and any contact for a support person in the client’s life.

Thanks for submitting!

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